Ozone Smoke Review

Ozone Smoke is a relatively new player in the electronic cigarette market. Based out of Keego Harbor, Michigan this Mid Western American company has good reputation for providing quality customer support. Ozone Smoke uses a modern two part design for their electronic cigarettes which makes the devices easier to use and maintain. Below you can find more about Ozone Smoke including the starter kits they offer, the battery technology they use and our overall recommendation.


Ozone Smoke Starter Kits

Ozone Smoke sells four different starter kits. These are the mini, the premium, the deluxe and the ultimate. Below you can find a more in depth description of each of these starter kits.

The Mini Kit – The mini kit is Ozone’s most basic starter kit. Included in the kit is one short lithium ion battery, two liquid nicotine cartridges, one carry case and one USB charger. The battery comes precharged in the kit so you only need to attach it to the cartridge and you can get started straight away. A good kit if you are just starting out with electronic cigarettes.

The Premium Kit – The premium kit is the next step up from the mini kit. This is a good sized kit for most casual electronic cigarette users. Contained inside the kit is one short lithium ion battery, one long lithium ion battery, six liquid nicotine cartridges, one carry case, a USB charger and one wall charger.

The Deluxe Kit – The deluxe kit is another very comprehensive option. This kit comes with one short lithium ion battery, one long lithium ion battery, one carry case, six liquid nicotine cartridges, a wall charger, a user manual, three nicotine flavor packs and a USB charger.

The Ultimate Kit – The ultimate starter kit has everything you could want to enjoy your electronic cigarette habit. Inside of the kit is one long rechargeable lithium ion battery, one short rechargeable lithium ion battery, six nicotine cartridges, a users manual, a USB charger, a wall charger, five packs of nicotine packs, a car charger and a carry case with an in built USB charger.

Ozone Smoke Batteries

Ozone Smoke use automatic lithium ion batteries in their devices. This means that when the user inhales a smart microchip in the battery signals the heating element to automatically turn. They offer both a long and a short battery. The short battery is 2.7 inches long, has a total life of 400 charges and is able to deliver 300 puffs before needing to be recharged. The longer battery is battery is able to deliver 400 puffs before it needs to be charged again.

Nicotine Flavors

Ozone Smoke has a range of ten different flavors. These flavors include cherry, coffee, green apple, menthol, tobacco, blueberry, peach, vanilla, energy and strawberry.

Guarantees Offered By Ozone Smoke

Ozone Smoke provides a thirty day money back guarantee on all of its starter kits. This guarantee doesn’t include the cost of shipping and handling.

Overall Recommendation

Ozone Smoke may be a new electronic cigarette brand but they are quickly winning a reputation for a quality product back by good customer service. They offer a nice range of starter kits with a good selection of liquid nicotine flavors. One improvement would be seeing the introduction of a dial a volt kit or manual batteries which would allow more experienced electronic cigarette users more control over their vaping experience. Overall a good choice for most electronic cigarette users.

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