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fda e-cigs

Is FDA talking sense or nonsense about Electronic Cigarettes?

fda e-cigs

Ever since E-cigarettes have appeared, FDA has been against it with a promise. It is almost like every stalwart has a critic; but FDA is a very potent critic at that and has raw credibility to back it. Perhaps, the Prohibition loss in court has disturbed its integrity and it wants revenge. The points it is giving against electronic cigarettes almost border on the ridiculous.

Even mobile phones cause radiation issues; does that mean they are going to ban them next? Only pure water can stake a claim that it does no harm; only help the body. The range of harm that electronic cigarettes cause has been extremely magnified under the lens of FDA.

Their statutory points  

Its first point is that e-cigarettes contain nitrosamines. Now, nitrosamines come into existence when tobacco leaves are burnt. They are not an integral part of nicotine. Since e-cigarettes doesn’t burn the leaves (in fact, there is no combustion involved, just vaporizing), this point gets a direct refute. Their second point is the presence of anti-freezing agents like Propylene Glycol which is toxic and may even be lethal.

However, the content is so miniscule that it cannot affect mortality in a suggestive manner. Their third point is that it contains flavors (mint or cherry) to attract kids. Now, these flavors are there to give traditional smokers a pleasant feeling while ‘vaping’. If kids catch on to the habit, nothing seriously can be done about it. In that context, it won’t of line however if FDA starts regulating sales of electronic cigarettes.

The actual harm

Any gaseous inhalation has to have some sort of harm connected with it. Yet, electronic cigarettes don’t carry carcinogens and there is no combustion to leave a vapid taste on the lips.

The nicotine content is merely 10% of what a regular cigarette contains. Propylene Glycol is a deterrent and can be substituted by Vegetable Glycerine, which is organic. That will however increase the cost significantly. Since the external fumes are mainly water vapor, there is no danger to passive smokers as well. Perhaps, the only real danger is that constant ‘vaping’ leads to airway constriction, meaning you will have breathing issues, especially at heights. It is urgent to note that electronic cigarettes don’t clog the lungs or disrupt alveoli mechanism. Your stamina and zeal is also minimally affected.

What should be done? 

FDA should change its nonsensical attitude and rephrase its claim. If the sale of electronic cigarettes is regulated only from reputed stores or portals, the product will have authority and authenticity. There should be a stoppage on minors purchasing them. E-cigarettes will surely attract many traditional cigarettes and thus reduce the number of deaths through smoking.