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VC-logo1Vapor Couture is an online cigarette store that specializes in electronic cigarettes designed for female smokers. With various starter kits, batteries, accessories, e-liquids and carrying cases, Vapor Couture is a great place to visit if you are new to vaping or have decided to switch from another e-cig brand.

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The company’s website has been designed with women in mind, and there are a number of product pages featuring detailed information and high resolution images of the products on offer. Customers can also take advantage of competitive pricing, and a number of different shipping options, as well as an excellent customers service support system which can help you to address any queries you may have about a product you are looking to purchase. Here is a review of Vapor Couture.

Vapor Couture Company information

Vapor Couture is a sister company of V2 Cigs, and specializes in various electronic cigarette products. Their website has various navigation tools and menus, making it easier to find what you are looking for. New products and highlighted items are displayed on the main home page which is one of the first pages you will come across when visiting the website. You can browse through the numerous product pages or use a search feature to find what you are looking for – ideal if you are looking for a gift for a friend or family member. To save more money on your order, apply a discount code during the checkout process. You will be able to save money on the total sum of the order. Vapor Couture is managed in Canada, the USA and the Czech Republic.

Products on sale

There are numerous products to choose from, including various flavored e-liquids. Choices include Strawberry Champagne and Arctic Mint – you may decide to try several flavors before choosing a favorite. A starter kit will provide you with all the equipment you need to start vaping – the Vapor Couture Essentials Kit is one of the most popular, available with instructions, two automatic batteries, a USB charger, a wall charger and five cartridges.

Other information

Contact a company rep if you have a question on how to use your vaping device, or are looking for more information about the best product in your particular circumstances. There are a number of ways to pay for your order, and you will receive a receipt of your transaction via email. The company also offers free shipping to domestic locations, subject to conditions.


Pink Spot Vapors Coupon

pink-spot-vapors-logoPink Spot Vapor was started in 2010 in response to what the founders perceived as generally poor quality e-liquid being sold. The founders decided that they would change the industry by producing the highest quality e-Juice in a unique range of flavors. To that end all of the Pink Spot Vapor e-Juice is entirely kosher and pharma grade. Below you can find a complete review of Pink Spot Vapor and its range of e-Juice.

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Pink Spot Vapor e-Juice Recipe

Pink Spot Vapor e-Juice is made from 60% vegetable glycerin to 40% propylene glycol. If you are looking for an all natural formulation be aware that Pink Spot Vapor doesn’t use one hundred percent vegetable glycerin recipe. However, all of the vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol is US Pharmacopeia grade which is considered the industry standard for safe to consume herbal formulations. The formulation also uses US made liquid nicotine which is 99.86% pure.

Flavors Sold By Pink Spot Vapor

One of the standout features of Pink Spot Vapor is their huge range of flavors. In total there are over one hundred eight different flavors sold by the company. When you consider that many of the major brands only sell 8 – 10 different flavors, and few sell more than 20, you can see why this is a very impressive collection. No matter whether you like classic tobacco flavors, fruit flavor or exotics, you will be able to find something to meet your taste from Pink Spot Vapor.

Vapor Volume Produced By Pink Spot Vapor

Another reason that electronic cigarette connoisseurs are making the switch over to Pink Spot Vapor is the vapor volume this e-Juice produces. Pink Spot has managed to get their recipe near to perfect. This e-Juice produce nice, thick streams of vapor even when used with a standard electronic cigarette device. When you plug this e-Juice into a dial a volt device the results are even more impressive. If you are looking for a better vaping experience then you won’t be disappointed with Pink Spot Vapor’s recipe.

Customizations By Pink Spot Vapor

One of the coolest things about Pink Spot Vapor is the fact that they do customizations. When you purchase your e-Liquid you can choose how you want it mixed by adding it to the order notes. As noted the standard mix is 60% VG and 40% PG, but you can choose to mix it however you like.

Overall Recommendation

Most Pink Spot Vapor company’s have tried out the mainstream electronic cigarette company’s and been left a little disappointed by the experience. After a while the limited range of flavors can leave you yearning for something a little more interesting. The simple fact that Pink Spot Vapor sells over one hundred and eight different flavors is almost reason enough alone to try out the selection. The Pink Spot Vapor difference has to be experienced to be really appreciated. The tastes are richer and cleaner than many commercial brands and the vapor production is outstanding. Highly recommended for serious electronic cigarette users and those who want a change from boring mainstream brands.