14 Movies With Real Sex

In the majority of streamline movies, actors only simulate sex, regardless of how real and passionate the scene seems to be. And that is understandable – they are not working in the porn industry, so no one expects them to engage in real sexual interaction. Finally, a detailed sex scene is not what most viewers are looking for in a film; good acting is what’s important.

And yet, there are several movies where actors really had sex in front of the camera, for different reasons. If you are intrigued, let’s find out more.

Real Sex Scenes

Make sure you will watch those movies again after you read our post:

  • Shortbus (2006). This is a movie about the sex adventures of characters in New York. There are a lot of “those” moments in the film, and imagine this is all for real!
  • Lie With Me (2005)  – generally a movie about a sexual affair. The movie leaves not so much for your imagination because it shows literally everything.
  • A Real Young Girl – that one is pretty old, released in 1976, and who knows whether it was even legal back then to provide such content at all. The plot is about the personal life of a 14-year old girl. Honestly, she does not look like 14 years old.
  • The Idiots (1998) – an oldie too. There are a lot of erotic moments in that film, but one of them shows real sex happening.
  • 9 Songs (2004). The movie revolves around a love story that one couple has for a year. Check out how they filmed the erotic scenes.
  • Intimacy (2001) – this one is about strangers having anonymous sex and then falling in love.
  • The Brown Bunny (2003). Here, you can see a real blowjob right in front of the camera. Does it count as a full scene?
  • Anatomy of Hell (2004). This features the famous porn star Rocco Siffredi, so you can expect something really hot and steam in that case.
  • In The Realm Of Senses (1976) – was 1976 a year of filming real sex scene movies or what? This is an Asian film with a bit weird plot, but there are unsimulated erotic moments present.
  • The Raspberry Reich (2004) – we guess 2004 also had something about it, so many movies with graphic content. This one is on homosexuality, and the amount of unsimulated moments is even too big.
  • Antichrist (2009) – wow, at last something almost everybody knows. In addition to being truly disturbing, that has some unimitated intercourse.
  • Wetlands (2013) – you probably do not know what is this about, and you shouldn’t. It is gross and being aware they also filmed unimitated erotic actions is enough.
  • Love (2015) – this one is more or less recent, because, honestly, it seems people made erotic movies only in 1976. A very sincere movie with corresponding scenes and it was also made in 3D. Just thought you wanted to know.
  • Gandu (2010). It was considered so bold that it was not allowed to be shown in cinemas until 2012.

Not all of these films are worth your time, especially if we talk about the older ones. But knowing there are some unfaked moments can add spice to watching any of these. You will also be able to impress your friends with that deep knowledge about movie making.

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