12 The Most Scandalous Erotic Scenes Ever

Today, it is hard to imagine what erotic scene can become a scandal, considering how many porn websites there are, available to the public. However, it is believed a porn website is one thing, and showing rough sex in a conventional movie, including rape, gay or lesbian scenes is another thing.

The Most Shocking Scenes

These are the most shocking moments you can find in a conventional movie. Enjoy.

  1. Jessica Jones – well-choreographed actions that created a range of different emotional moments. You should check out the action as well since the movie is also good.
  2. Sense 8 – features an orgy that seems to be known by everybody. Actors confess that they basically followed the director’s instruction on who kisses who and what everyone should do.
  3. True Blood – the scene is a bit fantastic, but also romantic, but also showing sucking some blood. Yet, it was considered a good one by the critics, so we have to agree.
  4. Game of Thrones – it is impossible to choose a limited number of graphic sex scenes in this TV series because each next one is better than the previous one. So just watch the series and find your favorite.
  5. Girls – has an anilingus moment that seems like real and opens new perspectives on intimacy. The actors shared it was funny to get prepared for that moment.
  6. The Handmaid’s Tale – shows a powerful sexual tension and how people surrender to their desires about each other. The actors did a very good job, and it all was beautifully filmed to create the corresponding atmosphere; it is not hard to believe what is happening.
  7. Gossip Girl – this series shows a threesome interaction, or at least they imitate is as far as the rules of the channel allow. And yet, it was useful for a teenage show, to explain that sexual experimentation is okay.
  8. Queer as Folk – more about gay relationships, emotions, and stuff, but also shows sex scenes that many gay teenagers found very relieving at that time. Today, there is more such content on the Internet, but for TV, it was a breakthrough and therefore a scandal.
  9. The L Word – scandalous representation of lesbian relationships on television.
  10. The Tudors – another historical series that has loads of erotic moments and even minutes in it. You go and find your own favorite!
  11. Outlander – almost every episode has something erotic, but the wedding night of Claire and Jamie shows real closeness and intimacy.
  12. Sex and the City – Samantha having sex with a helper on the farm, in the barn.  

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